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Business leaders are sounding the alarm about worker and skills shortages, yet Cape Cod is home to an under-utilized and often untapped potential labor force of semi, reluctantly, or prematurely retired individuals who would welcome employment. Research shows that as people are living longer, they increasingly want or need to work longer. In Barnstable County, over 30% of the workforce is over 55 and that number is growing. Now is the time to think about and plan for a workforce that will be multigenerational and trend older.

The workforce that will grow our local economy in the future will be one that is fully inclusive of everyone who wants and is prepared to work, sometimes in non-traditional occupations or settings.

Join us in exploring techniques and strategies for achieving this inclusion at the

Workforce for the Future

Breakfast Symposium

Coming in 2020

Offered free of charge to employers, business owners, and human resource professionals

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