The following postings are intended to provide all parties with information regarding the public meetings of the Cape & Islands Workforce Board and its Youth Council.

Upcoming CIWB & YC Meetings:

July 16th 2019 55+ Committee Meeting Agenda
Posted on July 12th 2019

A hard copy of these notices as well as the meeting minutes are kept on file by the Chair of the CIWB’s designee Razza Millard.

CIWB Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Nov 29th 2018 BOD Meeting Mins
Sep 27th 2018 BOD Meeting Mins
June 28th 2018 Annual Mtg Mins
Jan 25th 2018 BOD Meeting Min
Nov 30th 2017 BOD Meeting Mins
Sept 29th 2017 WDB Board of Directors Meeting Mins
June 22nd 2017 BOD & YC Meeting Min
May 25th 2017 WDB BOD Mtg Mins
March 9th 2017 WDB BOD Meeting Mins
Jan 26th 2017 WDB BOD Meeting Mins